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Abstract:The essay plans contained in the book cover the most commonly asked questions on each syllabus area of microeconomics and macroeconomics. The author has used a wealth of experience in teaching and examining in economics to provide a useful manual for all students of the subject. Ernie Jowsey provides clear, practical help both in preparing material and in writing up the final essay. The book has a section providing advice on how to write essays in the subject of economics, and each essay plan is organised according to the same structure for clarity (Introduction; Main Arguments; Conclusion; Further Reading). Most are illustrated with a simple figure. The book functions as a summary of important topics and provides the student with a proactive method of learning and revision. Working through 100 Essay Plans in Economics can therefore be used as alternative way of covering the introductory syllabus alongside the economics principles texts. This makes the book an invaluable learning aid to students embarking on first year undergraduate economics courses, as well as to those preparing for essay paper examinations in economics.

Oh, that potential list of 100 essay titles would be Good! I would troll through it looking for sub-groups I'd need to read.

4. Each essay rating is multiplied by 10, and then the rescaled 0-100 essay ratings are analyzed with the MCQ items. Since onlyevery 10th category of the 0-100 essay rating scale is observed,the analysis must allow for structurally present, but empiricallyabsent, categories (Wilson RMT 5:1 p. 128). Again, standard errorswill need to be inflated about 75% due to the effect of thefictitious categories. Only one essay difficulty will be reported,but it will not be at the same location on the variable as the 0-10essay would have been. By convention, the difficulty of a ratingscale item is chosen so that the sum of the step difficulties iszero, i.e., at the location on the variable where the highest andlowest possible ratings on the item are equally probable. If thedifficulty of the 0-10 essay item is D logits from the center ofthe person ability distribution, the difficulty of the 0-100 essayitem will be much closer to the mean ability, only about D/10logits away. This makes the construct harder to understand, andcan be confusing if the assigned weights are changed.

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