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There's a new book that's come out about HOTEL RWANDA entitled HOTEL RWANDA OR THE TUTSI GENOCIDE AS SEEN BY HOLLYWOOD which is co-authored by a Rwandan journalist and the public relations advisor to President Kagame*. It was in anticipation of reading this newest book (which a friend has sent in the mail) on the happenings in HOTEL RWANDA that I hurried to read Rusesabagina's book first so as to better understand the arguements between the two.

and about Hotel Rwanda, we watched a movie in school and everyone ended up in tears. It was so sad and such. Meaningless killings lead no where.

Since genocide, Rwanda has been building and growing under relative peace, promoting the unity of hutus and tutsis under the current regime, led by the Protestant leader of the RPF, Paul Kagame. However, many of the genocidaires have not only been protected by the international community and allowed to regroup, but they are actually criticized for being supported and given power to rebuild in neighboring countries like the Congo, under peace-keeping UN programs like MONUSCO (though hearing mixed reports on this). I will speak more about this in my next post about Hotel Rwanda, which is kind of a falsified Western spin that turns Hutu extremist sympathizer Paul Rusesabagina from genocide profiteer to hero.

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One thing I noticed immediately about Hotel Rwanda is that it has a very upbeat opening Increasingly, this guy reminds me of the answers given in the presidential debates. Ask him a question, and he will talk but never answer it. Ask him about Hotel Rwanda, and you get a roll-call list of his gripes: religious right, conservative evangelicals, Mel Gibson's movie-- climaxing with the brilliant question posed:

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