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I picked up the D90 kit with the 18-105VR and also purcahsed a 70-200 2.8 VR. I really do so many different styles of photography its hard to keep track of at times. I shoot modeling portfolios, so both outdoor locations and studio. High speed motorcycle stunt shows where guys are doing wheelies passed me at 60+ mph. Child and adult pageants shooting continuous stage shots and crowning photos. Bridal runway shows. Product line photos for clothing designers. Weddings. Headshots. Automotive portraits. Child and family portraits.

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The unbalanced media coverage of female beauty pageants compared to the male variety is certainly a symptom of patriarchal domination, but adult pageants in themselves are not at all ‘bad for society’. Remove patriarchal domination from the equation and beauty pageants are nothing more than harmless contests which we as a species engage in all the time. There is absolutely nothing ‘bad for society’ about consenting adults competing against each other whether it’s by singing, dancing, arm-wrestling, cake-baking or beauty-comparing.

Adult Swim Pageant of the Cosmos at Bonnaroo

There's apparently an equally competitive world of adult pageants out there I have been in the beauty / pageant industry for 25 years. I am former contestant, current pageant mom, hair and make-up artist (25 years experience), pageant coach, and judge.

I have been a hair and make-up professional to brides and bridesmaids, beauty queens (teen and adult pageants), cheer squads and dance teams, bikini contest participants, women bodybuilders, etc.

I have taken makeup artistry classes through Estee Lauder and Lancome Cosmetics. I also worked as a makeup artist for a modeling agency 25 years ago. It is where I first started my career in the beauty industry.

I will travel anywhere in the United States. Fees depend on where I would travel, required services, size of party, etc. My services start at $50, and up.

Say yes to adult pageants, and no to toddler ones

This affects children directly through the disturbing prevalence of child pageants. From the very beginning, they have presented a disturbing and confusing concept of child beauty, “Pageants for younger girls emerged in the 1960s and have increased both in number and in popularity in the decades since. These contests often evoke the ethos of small-town America while copying the glamour and sexuality of adult pageants” (Mitchell, 235). They first familiarize themselves to average citizens and then twist that familiarity into something distinctly more adult. The innocence of a child pageant seems entirely intact, any perceived corruption just an indecent overreaction on the part of the viewer, but the innocent children are portrayed in such distinctly mature, though not inherently sexual, ways, that what other interpretation is there than to perceive them as children fulfilling the roles of adults. Such a juxtaposition manages to undermine conventional morality and make a profit of it at the same time, “Innocence becomes both a mystifying ideology and a vehicle for commercial profit” (Giroux, 47). If such a problem were to be perceived and then stopped, it could never be claimed that child pageants are exploitive because they would be a thing of the past. But they do persist, because they make too much money to end, and so they are exploitive of innocence and childhood with no regard for the harm inflicted on either.

These are typically only held for adult pageants such as Miss U.S.A