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In order to push students to recognize the contrast in Gatsby's setting description, you could suggest using words like unfair or ironic in the center of their graphic organizers. More evaluative words like this will encourage students to deepen their analysis of Gatsby's setting and to include a more diverse group of words.

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Through a comparative analysis of Gatsby's dream to the explorer's discovery of America and the promise of a new continent (Millet, 1), Gatsby is demonstrated as one who feels contented with his newly acquired status. Complications arise as Gatsby dream seems to follow a varnishing path because of his obsessions with the materials of this world, just like the Americans are fully obsessed by wealth. This fact is perhaps well illustrated by Millet (2) in stating that "However, Gatsby's dream is tarnished by his material possessions, much like America is now with our obsession with wealth. The means corrupt the end, and Gatsby's dream dies because of Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom's carelessness and superficiality, as does Gatsby for the same reasons".

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“I agree with you entirely, as goes without saying, in your analysis of Gatsby The psychoanalytic criticism of Gatsby character is well illustrated in the text by Tyson (1951) in stating that "there must be something in our biological make up as specie to explain this death work, this psychological and physical destruction." This could explain the reason behind Gatsby's desire of Daisy even if it the eventual consequence may be death.

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5. For an in-depth analysis of Gatsby operating within the courtly love tradition see Elizabeth Morgan, "Gatsby in the Garden: Courtly Love and Irony," College Literature, 11:2 (1984): 165-172.

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