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In the argumentative research paper, however, you should take a stand on an issue and try to persuade your reader to adopt or concur with your position. Like the analytical research paper, an argumentative paper should be driven by a thesis, but in this case, your thesis statement should establish your position on a debatable topic. You should support your argument with evidence gleaned from your research.

Argumentative Paper Format *Please note that this is only a sample format

When you have been asked to write an argumentative paper, you should first of all understand that the main reason behind this is to see how well you can support an argument, do some good research in the process and come up with a really convincing paper. That is the main agenda behind such a paper. It is all about being convincing and selling an argument from your point of view. Now that we have understood that, let’s have a look at some of the places from where you can get a very good model of your paper.


1241 x 1753 · 159 kB · png, Argumentative Essay Paper Examples An argumentative paper is constructed around a limited thesis. You begin with a topic—an area of interest to you, such as gender roles in a particular novel. Or you begin with an observation: there are many dream-sequences in this story, for instance. These observations of patterns become points of departure for thinking about what your paper hopes to accomplish. In the few pages you have, you can’t claim to find the key to understanding the entire text, or the period in which is was written, or the life of the author—much less the meaning of life. You can, however, set out to answer a particular question, or illuminate a particular difficulty, in the work. What makes for a strong thesis? Let's start with a negative example of a weak thesis– something that resembles an argument, but really isn't one:

How to begin an argumentative paper

It takes some time to strike the right tone in an argumentative paper– to find a balance between intimacy and eloquence, appreciation and persuasion. It's not illegal to use the first person, but keep in mind your charge to convince others to share your views: if you inject too much that’s strictly individual, you risk making the reading seem idiosyncratic. Spouting "I believe" and "I think" at every juncture isn’t necessary: we know that you are the guiding force behind your arguments.

The Six Parts of the Argumentative Research Paper

Context. You need to provide your readers with some backgroundabout the issues your paper deals with. The needed context will vary dependingon your target audience. In a very short, simple argumentative paper thiscan sometimes be given in the introductory paragraph, prior to your thesisstatement; but typically you will need one or more context paragraphs afteryour thesis paragraph, sometimes before your reasons and counter-argumentparagraphs, sometimes interspersed among them.The thesis of an argumentative paper will clearly state the position that you are going to endorse in a philosophical debate. "I will argue that Aristotle's moral theory fails because it does not provide an adequate account of specific moral actions," is an example of an argumentative thesis for a paper assignment that asks you to present and critically evaluate Aristotle's moral theory. "The physicalist hypothesis is inadequate as an explanation of consciousness," is another example of an argumentative thesis in a paper about explanations of consciousness.