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8 - Will Blofeld ever return?
No. With the Austin Power films using a Blofeld like charector in a comedy, EON will hopefully use a main villian with a different name. Mr. White works for me right now.

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His Austin Power films, which he also co-produced and co-wrote, are famous for spoofing James Bond, he said. But that was not the whole story. The two films, which have grossed over $600 million worldwide, are "more of a Bollywood musical than they are a parody of James Bond," he said. "You will find in them the same colour palette that you would see in a Bollywood film.

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I kept thinking, after the Austin Power films made fun of Blofeld with Dr To put this in a way we can all understand, a gourmet is Jacques Pepin. A gourmand is Nero Wolfe or Fat Bastard from the Austin Power films. One can be both, but usually one is one or the other.

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This company was founded in 1994 by Todd McFarlane, and it is well-known with collectors for its toys featuring popular characters from video games, comic books, and cult classic films, especially horror. McFarlane Toys are not always marketed to children due to the graphic nature of some of the figurines, and the company also makes collectible toys based on historical villains like Billy the Kid and Rasputin. For younger collectors, has products based on the Austin Power films, Where the Wild Things Are, and Batman.

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The fine, comedic direction was by Jay Roach, who also has directed all the Austin Power films. He does a great job bringing out the comic talent of this fabulous cast, and made sure that the pacing and comic tension build-up was just right, not overdoing it. However Charles Napier’s career wasn’t just about Oscar winning films in his later decades. Napier appeared in plenty of guilty pleasure favorites such as Ernest Goes to Jail, Maniac Cop 2, Jury Duty, 3 Ninjas, The Cable Guy, Steel, The Nutty Professor II and the Austin Power films. He also did voices for a number of animated series, including regular gigs on Superman:TAS, Justice League, The Simpsons and Squidbillies. As a side note, possibly the most famous of all the characters that Charles Napier provided the voice was the originals grunts and growls for the Hulk in the classic Incredible Hulk TV series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.