that can help adolescents avoid teenage pregnancy (Kegler, Rodine,

Your tips to avoid teen pregnancy and the ways to cope with it are right on spot. The lessons that you teach are very meaningful and you’re right, life doesn’t end because of teen pregnancy.

Young women need help to build their self-confidence to avoid teenage pregnancy.

Yet this suggestion is speculative. No studies have shown whether it is possible to foster negative expectations about the impact of childbearing, particularly among teenagers who have no such expectations because they grew up in communities where the opportunity costs of teenage pregnancy and parenthood are low. In addition, it is unknown if a decrease in the perceived benefits or an increase in the perceived costs of becoming a parent influences teenagers enough to motivate the behaviors necessary to avoid teenage pregnancy in communities where it is endemic.

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I am glad you loved the article and have found the tips on how to avoid teenage pregnancy and how to cope with it useful and informative. "We need collective effort from all stakeholders to fight the vice in order to save our young girls," said Kadaga during the launch. Along with fellow members of Parliament, the Speaker encouraged the young people to stay in school as a way to avoid teenage pregnancy. The Members of Parliament each took turns to tell the stories of how they dealt with obstacles in getting an education,calling on young people, in particular girls to persist and get an education, thereby standing a chance for a better future.

and gave advice on how to avoid teenage pregnancy

The World Health Organisation, amongst others, recognises that adolescent men have a vital yet neglected role in reducing teenage pregnancies and that there is a pressing need for effective educational interventions designed especially for them. The If I Were Jack intervention aims to increase the intention of both boys and girls to avoid teenage pregnancy and addresses gender inequalities in Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) provision by explicitly focusing on young men and teenage pregnancy.

Tips on How to Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

She advocates abstinence from sexual intercourse as the best way to avoid teenage pregnancy and adds that peer educators should possess the persuasive skill to convince teenagers to abstain from sex. You have to hammer it so much before they will listen to you.” Larissa is 8 months too late and 85 months too early if she wants to avoid teenage pregnancy. There’s no way a child conceived now would be born before she becomes a teenager.Results: The result revealed a high level of awareness of teenage pregnancy amongst the adolescents (71.8%); 5.1% (16) of the girls and 8.1% (15) of the boys reported having been involved in teenage pregnancy. Over 92% (444) of the respondents showed disapproval to it while 4.4% (21) were indifferent and 3.5 (17) consider it acceptable. Substantial proportions of the students 29.8% (143) do not know how to avoid teenage pregnancy. Contraception is not the favoured option but rather abstinence. Abortion is low on the line of action subjects will take if they fall victim to unintended pregnancy.