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Each semester, instructors teaching Critical Writing seminars across a wide range of disciplines at the University of Pennsylvania nominate the best essay written by an undergraduate in their class. A faculty editorial board selects essays from among the nominees to publish in 3808. A student editorial board selects the best essay in the collection as the winner of the Henry LaBarre Jayne Essay Prize.

The best of mountaineering journals are comparable to the best essays written in the English Language.

As the year turns the corner into November, the array of fantastic, challenging books available to read continues. Our picks for our most highly-anticipated books for the month include investigations of the art world and irreverent takes on literature; a novel of grief and the open road and a novel of families falling apart; the return of one of America’s greatest living authors and a collection of some of the best essays written in the last few decades. Alternately: it’s a particularly strong literary month in a strong literary year, and there’s still one more month to go before it’s over.

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It is often claimed-by mountaineers needless to say-that mountaineering has a more distinguished literature than any other sport or pastime.Certainly, the best of what is written in the major journals stands comparison with the best essays written in the English Language. Mountaineering has produced a huge library of books, and a significant number of them are of lasting importance. (Is mountaineering a sport? in Philosophy and Sport, ed. by Anthony O'Hear)

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