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I connected my Blogger profile with Google Plus, but I don't like it anymore. Can I go back and switch to the old Blogger profile?

I just read your comment! I'm glad you finally have the URL for the comments section. Currently I've upgraded to the 2.3 version, I can see the website field on the MySQL dbase. I'm currently using the Blog Profile. How do I update it to have the URL field?

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Switch Blogger Profile To Google Plus - Blogger Widgets This Worked For me..To Check that your profile name is changed first login to your account follow below link and check your Blogger Profile Name.

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This will led you to a page where it will ask to "Change the Blogger Profile Display name"Change the name & Press "Continue To Blogger". The name will be changed. Again go to link [1] & check that your Blogger Profile Name is Changed.

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Blog Profile FeaturesBeyond all the great editing features already included with ProcessWire, the blog profile includes these features and more:Load the URL in your browser to initiate the installer. Select the "Blog Profile"from the dropdown when prompted to do so. The installer will take care of the rest.About the Blog ProfileThe profile can be used as-is or modified to suit your needs. This blog profile was made by Ryan Cramer for use with ProcessWire open source CMS/CMF version 2.2+. The front-end uses the Skeleton CSS framework, making it responsive and mobile friendly. The color scheme used on this profile is based on Nikola Vidoni's Futura admin theme for ProcessWire.Now your will get redirect to your Google+ profile, all new comments you will make will have your Google+ profile’s real name and link instead of your Blogger profile, you will also get Author information in search results for your blog.Hi! Everyone, hope you all are fine.
Today in this post I will tell you how you can connect your Blogger and Google+ (Plus) profile. Before and after the launch of , Google trying integrate it with there ever products like they have made of almost every products look same, , etc. so now they are trying to switch Blogger profile into Google+ profile.Before creating our first post, we need to edit our Blogger Profile. We do this from the Blogger Dashboard, so click from your blog's main window. Then in the upper left corner, click .