Guidelines for the Senior Capstone Research Paper

is the fundamental requirement for public administration students to pass their specialized course on capstone. As the purpose of capstone course is to develop the overall objectives of public administration among students; therefore, capstone research papers test how much students have learnt throughout their studies on capstone.

Your Capstone Project Research Paper itself is worth 10% of your total grade for GEOG/EME 432

requires an applied research from students to evaluate the particular concept related to their course. Here is the comprehensive guideline that will aid students in their capstone research paper writing:

Joseph Case High School CAPSTONE Research Paper

Guides students in formulating, researching and writing a capstone research paper Each Middle East Studies major is required to write a capstone research paper to demonstrate the ability to synthesize and apply the skills and knowledge gained from courses across the curriculum. Below are the titles of these projects from the past several years.
Chris Barber: Ibadism in Modern Oman
Travis Mable: Al Su Saidi Political Development in Oman and the British Empire
Chase Philpot: Negotiating Pan-Slavism, Hellenism, and Ottomanism: The Emergence of a Modern Bulgarian National Identity, 1820-1878
Douglas Swift: When Costs Outweigh the Benefits: The Negative Effect of the JNF's Blueprint Negev on Israel's Bedouin Population
Zoe Thrumston: Constructed Memories of the Jewish Diaspora in the Middle East and North Africa

Electronic portfolio and capstone research paper

The Capstone Research Paper provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and analytical skills relating to their specific global concentration and the world region they have selected to study, heightening the student's understanding of global issues within a transregional context. The paper is a ‘capstone’ or culmination of your learning experience and should be submitted during the final year of study at Pitt. The paper must contain professor’s comments and letter grade, be a minimum of 10 pages in length, with at least 8 references cited and include a cover sheet that lists student name, the student’s global and world region concentration, the course name and date of submission to Global Studies.

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