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Another cause of the Vietnam War was a Civil War between the two states of Northern and Southern Vietnam. was a communist state. But, South Vietnam was not. The two states started to have conflicts with each other. The National Liberation Front, or NLF, initiated communist activities in South Vietnam in 1957. The U.S. could not just stand by and do nothing. They decided they had to take sides to prevent communism.

Causes of the Vietnam War

Prosterman's work in rural development began in 1966, when he left the New York law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell to join the UW law school. It was during that year that he read a law review article about the need for land reform in Latin America, which spurred him to further study and write about the issue of land reform. In 1967, Prosterman traveled to South Vietnam to explore whether some of the underlying social and economic causes of the Vietnam War might be addressed by redistributing land to poor tenant farmers and paying reasonable compensation to landlords.

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The causes of the Vietnam war were derived from the symtoms and the consequences of the Cold War. Duc Tran, “Echoes from the Past: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Vietnam War,” Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History 4, no.1 (April 2014).

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I saw your article “The Vietnam War from All Sides: Americans and Vietnamese Reflect on Their Mistakes and on Each Other”,and am doing a historical investigation on examining the causes of the Vietnam War through the United States, North and South Vietnamese perspectives. Could you please recommend some primary sources for this topic. Also are you scholar? And is it okay if I analyze your work and quote your ideas with citations. I am a student and not a scholar. Thank you

What were the Economic Causes of the Vietnam War