Child Beauty Pageants: What Are We Teaching Our Girls

As funny and entertaining as child beauty pageants like TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras can be, the show has raised immense controversy, and for good reason. After watching 4 year olds be spray tanned and a 3 year old be dressed up as Julia Roberts’ prostitute character from Pretty Woman, it’s obvious to anyone that child be

A positive look at child beauty pageants and the future of girls who are pageant contestants.

A 2005 study in The Journal of Treatment and Prevention reported ”a significant association between childhood beauty pageant participation and increased body dissatisfaction, difficulty trusting interpersonal relationships, and greater impulsive behaviours”.

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In 2001, HBO aired its Emmy-winning Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen, which garnered much attention. Statistics is perhaps a natural part of life, and almost all events are linked to data and information. Child beauty pageants are just one in the long lists of events that are being evaluated and recorded. Understanding child beauty pageants is important because this helps you identify and understand data trends. Your knowledge and awareness about child beauty pageant statistics also helps you to be aware and familiar about primary statistical concepts of child beauty competition.

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If statistics have been properly used, clear and comprehensive representation of beauty pageant data is expected. Failure to do so, assumptions is the only things created without solid basis. With the help of child beauty pageant statistics, individuals especially pageant organizers and planners are able to analyze data relatively quick. Results of this beauty pageant statistics are being utilized for planning and other future purposes.

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A high percentage of parents said they enter their children into beauty contests so they can meet others. "Pageants help my daughter make friends," one mother noted. Welcome to Universal Royalty® Child Beauty Pageants. Baby, Toddler, Children, Teen Beauty Pageants in Austin Texas. As seen on TV and featured on Toddlers and Tiaras TV Show, Universal Royalty® child beauty pageants is a quality, professional Texas Beauty Pageant producing baby pageants, child beauty pageants, teen pageants, little miss beauty contests for contestants of all ages. Universal Royalty® beauty pageant has been catering to children in a fun filled family atmosphere for over 20 years. Every child receives an award just for competing in our pageant. Contact us now for a pageant consultation and entry forms for Universal Royalty® upcoming children beauty pageants in your area. Come be apart of the glitz and glamour of baby pageants, children beauty pageants, little miss beauty contests and talent competitions at its best in Austin Texas. Check out our .While the debate on child beauty pageants benefits and risks is getting hotter day by day, one can imagine the intensity of the destruction this could do to a child's self-esteem. What does a child need? Independence of eating and standing on his/her own and confidence that her parents love them. From birth, many children ages 0 to 18 compete in pageants that judge them on appearance, apparel, personality, interview, and talent. Parents, in most cases, sign their children up for these competitions. Pageant organizations are mostly ran by parents. There are many different views and perspectives on this subject.The more contests you enter, the more it costs, and many parents turn their children into pageant troupers. One researcher at Harvard University interviewed 41 mothers of child beauty-pageant entrants. They entered their children in an average of five pageants in the past year, and spent between $100 and $200 on each. They spent a similar amount on pageant clothing, though some paid as much as $1,000 for a gown. Those with higher incomes were more likely to hire someone to do the child's hair, or a pageant coach to give their child an extra advantage.