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A high percentage of parents said they enter their children into beauty contests so they can meet others. "Pageants help my daughter make friends," one mother noted.

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Wonderlich, Anna L., Diann M. Ackard, and Judith B. Henderson. “Childhood Beauty Pageant Contestants: Associations with Adult Disordered Eating and Mental Health.” Eating Disorders: Journal of Treatment and Prevention 13 (2005): 291–301. DOI:

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in America" ​​- 6-year-old Eden Wood, received messages that threatened her with death if she would take part in the international children beauty contest. This “note” published in a law journal out of Brooklyn Law School suggests how lawmakers can intervene to protect child beauty pageant contestants as a form of child performance. Lieberman draws on media accounts, television shows, and existing law concerning child employment to construct her argument.

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We obviously do not have any textbooks or academic journals focused on child beauty pageants (or even on beauty pageants, for that matter). Several edited volumes on beauty pageants exist, but they do not discuss child beauty pageants. Some other general books about pageantry mention child beauty pageants, such as and ; has two chapters on child beauty pageants. The story is similar for . The Stevens volume, along with , are two examples of why the reader must be wary when it comes to studying child beauty pageants. Both of these books were compiled from various Wikipedia entries and self-published. The best of these overviews that focuses on child beauty pageants is Susan Anderson’s (). Again, though, there is a caveat. The book is almost entirely pictures of child beauty pageant contestants and contains very little text on child beauty pageants.

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