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A research critique aims to measure the value and significance of a study. These are determined by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the report (Brockopp & Tolsma, 2003, p. 400). Recommendations for areas of improvements are also included in a research critique. This paper critically appraises a qualitative research article titled "Women's perception of being pregnant and having pregestational diabetes" (Lavender, T., Platt, M. J., Tsekiri, E., Casson, I., Byrom, S., Baker, L., et al., 2010, p. 589-595).

This article presents a framework nurses can use to read and critique a research article

When critiquing a research article, take notes, do your own research, go point by point of the original article, and always tell the audience what work you are critiquing. Writing a critique of a research article doesn't have to be a scary thing if you know how to properly research and organize your points.

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Have students read and critique a research article Often times in college you will need to critique a research article, but many people don't know where to begin. Critiquing a research article is a bit unnerving for some because the author of the article has done all of the research already and quoted or cited sources. Don't let this deter you or make you worry, though. There are a few ways to write a critique of a research paper that will help you when you have to write one.

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QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH ARTICLE CRITIQUE GUIDELINES example of qualitative nursing research article critique example of qualitative nursing research article critique Conducting an article critique for a. Nursing Journal Toolkit: Critiquing a Quantitative Research Article

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Any critique is a type of paper, where you need to look critically at what the author is claiming, evaluate the research methods, and look for possible problems with, or applications of, the researcher's claims. Thus, in an introduction to your critique of a research article you will have to overview of the author's main point and how he or she supports it. The next step is interpreting the information from the article. Think about the following: