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A CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) personal statement is usually one of the requirements when applying to accredited CRNA programs. CRNA programs as well as are one of the most popular nursing programs one of the most difficult to complete. The CRNA personal statement provides admissions with some indication of an applicant’s commitment to their chosen course, and the motivation it is derived from. The difficulty of the course requires strong commitment and schools want those who really want to be there. For applicants, the personal statement is a chance to make a case for themselves, and show why they should be accepted into a program. The number of qualified applicants may not always exceed the number of openings with the development of online CRNA programs or , but so far demand outstrips supply and the personal statement is a factor in who does or does not get into a program.

Information on writing a CRNA personal statement for application to CRNA programs.

With so many applicants your personal statement must stand out in some way to be effective. The following tips will help in writing a CRNA personal statement that draws the right kind of attention:

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