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Causes and effects of poverty

Several issues like hunger, illness and thirst are both causes and effects - for instance: not having water means you're poor, but being poor also means you can't afford water or food. In a sense, they’re a characteristic of poverty in that they define poverty. Therefore, you should always look at both ends of the problem - and you can refer to the article on to complete the picture.

2. Effects of Poverty

The poverty cycle

The effects of poverty are most often interrelated so that one problem hardly ever occurs alone. For instance, bad sanitation makes it easier to spread around old and new diseases, and hunger and lack of water make people more vulnerable to them.

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The long term effects of poverty include poor health and higher crime levels Once they reach elementary school, children who live in poverty often receive a substandard education because they are forced to move frequently or attend under-funded schools. This is one of the most troubling long term effects of poverty. A child who does not learn to read and write proficiently while in elementary school is likely to continue to struggle as a high school student. With poor grades in high school, his/her prospects for attending college are seriously limited. Since career advancement in the modern economy is often tied to educational attainment, the lack of a college degree sets the poor child up for a lifetime of struggle.

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In Africa, poverty can have a devastating effect. No food, improper healthcare, homelessness and lack of jobs all play a role in the effects of poverty. A lack of food leads to health problems. Food and water is in low supply because of unmaintained or non-existent infrastructure. While water is easily found underground in vast amounts, these families must rely on finding ground water which is often dirty and unclean. When the human body does not have sufficient calories or nutrients, it begins to “borrow” nutrients from fat stores, and parts of the body where they are non-essential. The body continues to break down its tissues, until eventually the body’s internal organs are damaged enough to cause serious health problems.

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Poverty is a critical issue in the United States. Poverty level varies according to the household, and low family income affects children in different ways (Myers, 2011). The goal of this weebly is to examine the effects of poverty on child’s development. I have listed some of the myths vs. the reality of poverty and the effects on a child. I have also examined the effects on a child’s academic achievements, and the growth of their cognitive development living in poverty. Throughout this weebly you will see some of theCrime varies over time and space; it’s high in specific areas and low in others, usually with huge differences in wealth. This has always led experts to study why and what happens in those places where there is a concentration of crime.

It’s unquestionable that crime ranks high among the effects of poverty, and those impoverished neighborhoods or entire cities show the same problems with uneducated adults and kids that nurture more unemployment and crime, and then leading to chronic, long-lasting poverty.