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“The disproportionate use of bottled water by poor and minority families may contribute to health disparities. Despite these perceptions about the safety and health effects of bottled water, there is little if any objective evidence that in most circumstances there is any actual health benefit of bottled water over tap in the United States. Indeed, several studies have suggested increased rates of contamination of bottled water and illness. Specifically, with regards to children, concerns have been raised about the use of unfloridated bottled water and the effect on oral health. For poor families, the use of bottled water may lead to less availability of resources for other health needs, as suggested in our study by the rather striking levels of expenditure on water relative to household income (similar to other studies) and the greater self-reported likelihood among minority respondents of having to give up other things to be able to pay for water.”

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The negative effects of bottled water are numerous. From oil consumption used in the production of plastic water bottles to giant corporations like , tap water is the safest and most environmentally responsible choice. If you still fall into the marketing trap of bottled water, remember next time you reach for a plastic water bottle it is not better quality water and it is not better for your health (or the planet).

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The Negative Effects of Bottled Water EASTON, MA — At the urging of students concerned about the environmental effects of bottled water, Stonehill College is working to phase out unnecessary spending on bottled water and to increase the availability of tap water on campus and at College events.

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From California to New York to distant lands, people are taking the extremely destructive effects of bottled water increasingly seriously. New York City has banned bottled water sales in its government workplaces, and San Francisco, Albuquerque, Minneapolis and Seattle have their own similar bans. In 2007, the US Conference of Mayors discussed the contradiction of buying bottled water for city employees and functions while touting municipal water quality. Privatized bottled water companies promote distrust of municipal water as a reason to buy their "purer" products, which contributes to citizens' opposition to needed water infrastructure repairs or replacement.

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