The effects of violent video games. Do they affect our behavior?

The facts are mounting up. For example, the Biden meeting comes after Senator Jay Rockefeller (Democrat from West Virginia) introduced a bill requiring the National Academy of Sciences to study the effects violent video games and other entertainment media have on children.

Studies have shown the negative effects violent video games have on the younger generation

The use of video games has become tremendously popular among children and adolescents in the past decade. In fact, “Sixty-eight percent of U.S. households play computer or video games.” (David Jenkins, 2009) This statistic reveals how important it is to understand the effects that these games can have on individuals and more specifically, children. Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted investigating whether video games have positive or negative impacts. An increase in popularity has raised concern with the negative effects that may or may not be occurring. Video games exploit three fundamental learning strategies and therefore are easily able to influence children and adolescence. The substantial impact that a game can have on a young person is dependant on various factors. Predominantly violent video games have been known to have the most negative impacts. After years of research, movies and video games have been proven to increase aggressive and violent behaviors. (Anderson & Dill, 2000, p. 774) This paper will primarily focus on the effects that violent video games have a child’s aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Examining research on violent video games will establish why and how video games are influencing children, the negative impacts, and possible ways to reduce these effects. Violent Video Games as an Educator

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The Effects of Violent Video Games on Kids on The Dr Rob Show Last week President Obamacalled for more research into the "effects violent video games have on youngminds." Vice President Biden told representatives from the video game industrythat they needed to address how they are perceived by the public. Indeed, thepublic conversation about violence in our society often lays some of the blameat the feet of the video game industry.

New questions about long-term effects of violent video games

Amid growing concern surrounding the effects violent video games have on children, a new computer game could be the alternative parents have been waiting for.

The Definitive Effects of Violent Video Games