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Environmental Science papers: There was a time when I actually thought climate change was not only man made, but that it was already too late to do anything. However as I progressed through my undergraduate geography and geology papers, and more recently the slew of environmental science papers that I have taken, I came to appreciate alternative points of view. The views are quite varied and range from the openly skeptical that it is just simply a too short period in history to possibly be man made, through to the aforementioned chicken little type view that the sky is falling, woe betide. And then there is the middle ground view that I am drawn towards. And of course there are the outright denials of climate change in any form – which I thought for the sake of this post should be set aside for another day.

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Medical research and Engineering are strengths and we also publish 7.5% of the world’s Environmental Science papers – our highest percentage contribution in any field.

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