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This new educational edition encourages original and independent thought from students, as well as guiding them through the text. The introductory material includes a biographical section on William Golding as well as providing information about the novel's historical context, which will be ideal for students completing GCSE and A-Level courses. At the end of the text there are chapter summaries, comprehension questions, discussion points and activities plus a glossary of less familiar words or phrases. This new edition includes William Golding's essay on Lord of the Flies, 'Fable'. All of these are intended to inspire and generate creative teaching, learning and love of the novel

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A List Of Great Topics For An Essay On Lord Of The Flies When the boys find themselves on an island, they build an approximation of their town and attempt to create a better society. A society, of course, is characterized by factors that identify it. Building is important to the group of people of which it is made up of. In your essay on Lord of the Flies argue that the society building process is flawed. At first, the kids have so much hope and excitement, but it all quickly falls apart. Think about the reasons for that.

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