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In the past few decades, the role of the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) as a health care delivery system has raised awareness among health care administrators, veterans, and policy makers alike. ... In this way, the VA health care delivery system contributes in managing health care resources because it takes on the strains of existing alternatives. ... This health care system appears to spread itself over the areas where other health care services are lacking, thus enhancing the quality of care and services provided. ... As improvements in health care become more necessary and ev...

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UK: NHS health care is accessible to most people and therefore this system gives the possibility to improve health of the whole population; US: access to health care is only for those who are paying the insurance and/or the taxes, and therefore there are people that can’t receive necessary treatment; UK: people who can’t afford paying for medical treatment can still receive it and there is no need to take special measures to provide this; US: government has to take special measures for people that are uninsured or can’t pay for their medical treatment; UK: the general psychological effect of being cared of by the society exists; US: people are worried because there can be cases of not receiving medical care when needed; UK: it takes a long time and bureaucratic formalities to get access to a proper specialist; US: people can go directly to the specialist; UK: waiting lists and queues make the medical treatment worse and the resources are not spend effectively in this case; US: the market mechanism working in the health care sphere as well allows avoiding delays in receiving the treatment and allows using resources in an optimal way; UK: budget spending on health care is fixed on a certain level; US: budget financing the health care system is growing more and more with each year. In general, the specific treatments and professional health care services in the USA are much better than in the UK, but the probability of receiving medical care in emergent cases is much lower; and in general health insurance and health of the nation are more protected in the UK and in general, in countries where the public spending and governmental control over the health care system dominate over the private financing of this branch. The recent evidence shows us that such countries (UK, Italy etc.) have higher health rate indexes despite the growing distrust of citizens to the national health care systems. In my opinion, the introducing of the market forces into the relation between public and private sectors is the key solution to this problem: but the dominance of public regulation and financing over the private one has to remain in order to ensure the health of the whole nation.

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Essays on health care delivery and financing (2010) Three Essays on Health Care Utilization, Governance and Provider Reimbursement in Urban China. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh.

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