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John, these are excellent comments that give us all things to think about. For me, the most important thing is the freedom to write short papers if and when one thinks that it would be philosophically good to do so, and one wants to. There are papers that of their very nature must be long, and that is fine. Some people’s style of doing philosophy may always produce long papers, and that is also fine; I don’t want to force any philosopher into writing short papers (although I can see that it makes for good training). After all, a philosopher may not publish articles, of whatever length, but just books, and s/he might still be worthwhile reading. But I think that (a) the existence of more short ethics papers would be good, and (b) the fact that (it seems) quite a few people refrain from writing their papers IN THE LENGTH THAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO, just because of the conventions of the journals, is just bad.

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MGT/498 week 2 Ethics Paper I think that (2) is less true than people might think as one can get short papers published, but nevertheless there is a lot of true in it. As to (1), it’s harder to know, but I suspect that there is some truth to this, but also that there might be other (not philosophically relevant) reasons why so few short ethics papers get written (again, setting aside the medical ethics journals and the like). I think that it would be good for our profession if, in general, we were more aware of this issue. It would be good if people who think that they might like to write short papers would do so, take a risk, and thereby put pressure on journals to accept them. And people who never thought about writing a short paper, might want to think whether there are good reasons (apart from getting published) for this. Finally, I think that it would be good if journals signalled that they were ready to consider short papers (and those that are not, think how philosophicallly relevant that bias is).

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Applied ethics at least and certainly medical ethics has plenty of venues for shorter papers, the Journal of Medical Ethics for example has a preferred paper length of 3500 words. Since they publish monthly I suspect as an empirical claim ethics papers are probably on average shorter than metaphysics papers…

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