Gangsters Out Blog: Anton Brad Hooites-Meursing

In my prior gangster blog post, I referenced an old Brooklyn health club a couple of times. Sonny’s father had a memorable moment in that gym one day. While pumping iron, he mentioned to another member that he had been in that weight room on the night of the famous New York City blackout (July, 1977). He said “It was pitch black when the lights went out. I couldn’t see a thing. Couldn’t even find the stairway.”

Prologue: Pieces of History » Prohibition and the Rise of the American Gangster Blog

Everybody loves to confide with the Pisces folk (We have the greatest advice, but rarely follow our own jewels), first the Dips, now the Wu. Lol. Yeah Info, your talk show is coming, no doubt. BTW, I found some good links on that American Gangster blog, Bumpy Johnson’s wife sounds like she has a story to tell, she has a book comin out, they taking pre orders for it, they want to put it out independently.

Gangsters Out Blog: Pitt Meadows Shooting - Follow up

Gangsters Out Blog: T Barz becomes Shakerz @d'gangster blog, tolong hargai adminya kasian kan adminya udah susah susah buat posting dan ngeupload file,buat tutornya juga susah kalau mau versi sendiri harus mainin gamenya sampai tamat, terus adminya susah susah ngecari gamenya.

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