As gender roles change, are men out of step?

Research into the differences between girls and boys is relatively new and ispolitically charged. Some researchers fear being labeled "anti-female" by delving into the study of boys and gender roles. But over the last three decades, gender roles have changed dramatically, and the impact on boys needs to beexamined.


Another problem which has been a legacy of the overcrowded camp life and the psychological problems of post-traumatic stress has been the outbreak of domestic violence. With scarce resources and limited freedom, many Cambodians complained they were living like chickens in a cage. Psychological problems and disenchantment with the living conditions led husbands and wives to quarrels. Many men, frustrated with the dramatic gender role changes and lack of mobility, resorted to violence against their spouses.

How Are Gender Roles Changing in the U.S.?

The Age-old Battle of the Sexes: Gender Role Changes and Relationships in Modern Society "A growing number of current studies on the issue are highlighting the way that women are moving independently of men as skilled workers, entrepreneurs and traders. Professional women, especially female nurses and doctors, now increasingly are engaged in international migration often leaving their spouses at home to care for the children thus creating new orientations in gender role changes within the African family. But few statistics on migration are sex-disaggregated, and so the dominant information still portrays West African women migrants in stereotypical roles as wives, daughters and carers.

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In the 21st century, society is experiencing changes that are vital in its wellbeing. These can be attributed to growth in technology, gender role changes, and different forms of families that result from numerous political, economic and social alterations. Additionally, globalization has turned to be a major factor in society transformation. It is crucial to note that modernization theory as it is propounded by Giddens and Rostow explains reasons that changes take place in society in the 21st century. Changes in gender roles as well as women empowerment is explained best by the theory of economic modernity, which asserts that favorable economic conditions provide girls and women with platforms that make it possible to access different growth opportunities.

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