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It can be pretty time intensive creating all your own content. So, depending on your business model and your intentions, there are times when hiring other writers is the best way to go. It is what I do over on and, were it not for them, PCMech wouldn’t exist. I simply don’t have time to keep up with that site and this one all by myself.

So you know you want to expand your content marketing. You’ve decided to hire a writer first.

Hello! Most of these companies hire US and Canadian writers only. You’ll have to do the research to find a company that will hire writers from Kenya.

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Awesome list of companies that hire freelance writers! Thanks for sharing! The article also gives the wrong impression for businesses
considering hiring writers that these are market rates. Posts like this do a huge disservice to professional freelance writers. Many businesses who go the low paying route when hiring writers (many using sites like these as well as Elance and others) find out quickly that they get what they pay for and do not receive a high quality deliverable that will help increase their customer’s trust in their brand. Yes, a company can sometimes find a up and coming writer on a lower paying site that will do a great job, but my experience from talking to many agencies and businesses is that these experiences are not the norm.

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I don’t know what part of the country you are in, but I find some of this info unbelievable. I’m not acquainted with any true professional writer who would agree not to be paid for their work if you decide not to use it. Also, the rates are unbelievably low. $7-$20 per post? Really? If you’re hiring writers at that rate, you are underpaying them.

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Sign up now and we'll send you 3 companies hiring writers now. Plus, we'll send more companies as we find and review them. All in our free email magazine.Welcome to Hire Freelance Writers. As the name implies, you can hire freelance writers on our website. Call (323) 570-HIRE. Our expert freelancers represent the full range of writing services.Before hiring a writer, decide what you want to accomplish. Do you need to generate more leads? Get more newsletter subscribers? Find more followers?The popularity of hiring freelance writing services has increased considerably due to the continuous rise in demand. For instance, companies hire freelance writers to market their products on the Internet. This may include the need to hire freelance SEO article writers, press release writers, ebooks, copywriters, bloggers, and content writers.It has often been said that everybody has a story to write. However, not everyone can write a story. As such, people hire freelance writers to turn their great idea into a polished novel, screenplay, or short story.On your end, there's no set formula when it comes to hiring a writer. Some companies like to "audition" a writer before hiring them, and may or may not pay for these trials, while others simply consider the writer's body of work.