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More often than not writing a good history research paper comes down to picking a good topic. Many students have trouble choosing a history topic because they feel there isn’t anything original to discuss or they believe that history papers absolutely must include stuff like dates, politics, wars, etc. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a number of great topics that have yet to be explored. Here’s a short list of some really interesting topics you could use for your own research paper:

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You can find various history research paper topics, sorted by category . History research papers require notes, which allow for more analysis and comparison of sources than a parenthetical system does. You may use either a footnote system (the notes appear at the bottom, or foot, of the page) or endnote system (the notes appear in a list at the end of the paper). Footnotes are numbered consecutively in the text, with the numbers placed at the end of sentences to limit interrupting the flow of the text. Footnotes are essential for citing sources but also contain supplementary asides to the main paper, such as historiographic discussions, cross-references to other relevant material, and additional biographical or other background information.

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At such a time, history students discover that history is a wide discipline and thus writing any history paper worth of the professor's marks is not a walk over issue as it may initially appear. So, the question among such history students is always on how to write a quality paper. In this line therefore, it is always important to note that history research papers require keenness while writing. The foremost thing in writing such papers is to understand the scope of the study to be researched. This ensures that a student is able to write objectively throughout his history essay without wandering off the research topic. Students writing term papers on American History should consider the basic principles applicable for a good research topic. These apply the same for a research paper of any study discipline. Selecting the appropriate topic lays the foundation for that has the potential for an impressive grade. Here are some valuable tips for selecting good American History Research Paper Topics that has the merit to produce A + grades.