Large-scale makers of history from Julius Caesar to Hitler and Winston Churchill have felt the urge to inform posterity what they have done, but only one woman ruler is to be found in the list. When Catherine the Great died in 1796 a sealed envelope was discovered by her successor addressed 'To his Imperial Highness the Czarewich and Grand Duke Paul, my dearly loved son. The manuscript, written in French and covering the first thirty years of her life, breaks off in the middle of a sentence describing an interview with the Empress Elizabeth three years before her accession to the throne. The Emperor Paul showed it to a friend and unauthorized copies were made. On his accession in 1825 her grandson the Emperor Nicholas ordered their seizure and destruction, presumably desiring to suppress evidence which might call in question the legitimacy of his father; but when the last of the autocrats passed away Alexander Herzen, the celebrated Russian author and exile, published an edition of the Mémoires in London in 1859.

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It's perhaps worth noting that the practice of taping the voices of the dead had achieved a certain notoriety in the early 1970s through the work of the Latvian psychologist documented in his book . Raudive and his British disciple R.G Sheargold claimed to have recorded cryptic fragments from, among others, Hitler and Winston Churchill. Although experiments by technicians at CBC, Radio Telefis Eirann and Pye Records failed to demonstrate conclusive proof of these claims , the concept of techno-necromancy was current around the time Kneale was writing.

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She met Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill and was a close friend of Prince Charles The items were part of a major auction of items from the French Revolution up to and including the two World wars and included personal items belonging to Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill.

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(a) The celebrated Heydrich der Henker wasn’t really assassinated at Lidice in Czechoslovakia by a team of experts hurriedly flown in from Britain to save Admiral Canaris, Chief of German Military Intelligence, from exposure as a traitor. On the contrary, that assassination was a hoax staged by Hitler and Winston Churchill to permit the transfer of Heydrich to the United States, where he became Guy Richards, chief of the vast Nazi S.S. apparatus in this country and editor of the New York Journal-American, charged with the primary duty of slandering His Imperial Highness to impede His return to the throne of His ancestors.

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Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill clashed for years in public as their opinions of each other and feuding helped determine the course of the Second World War. As diplomatic and military episodes unfolded - both men analysed, commentated upon, and taunted each other with Churchill continuing to do so for many years after Hitler’s death. Yet, until now, there has been no dedicated, detailed history of the men's rivalry.A few years ago, the History Channel was best known to some as a punch line on HBO’s “The Sopranos.” Remember mobster Tony Soprano sitting alone late at night in his New Jersey McMansion eating ice cream and watching World War II documentaries about Adolph Hitler and Winston Churchill?