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Friendliness is something that helps make up the Jamaican culture. It's perhaps one of the strongest things to look for if you're visiting the country for the first time.

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Our mission is to enrich and expand Americans knowledge on Jamaican culture. People flock to Jamaica to savor and experience the warmth and congeniality of the Jamaican culture which is what sets this island apart from other Caribbean destinations. Jamaica represents a rich blend of cultures that have landed on the island’s shores over the past several centuries. In Jamaica you will find people of all ethnic backgrounds and languages living and working together.

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This monograph reviews some of the historical influences on Jamaican culture and examines the cultural implications for the delivery of disability services to Jamaicans in the The author of this monograph is very well qualified to interpret Jamaican culture for rehabilitation service providers. Doreen Miller was born in Jamaica and lived in both urban and rural Jamaican communities. She received her undergraduate and graduate education in the , including a Master's degree in guidance counseling from Washington State University and a in rehabilitation counseling from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She is currently a professor in the Department of Psychology and Rehabilitation Programs at Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she has worked since 1977. Miller has been the recipient of grants from the Rehabilitation Services Administration for training programs in rehabilitation services.

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Reggae and dancehall music are two internationally renowned examples of Jamaican culture. Read about some of the musical styles which have emerged out of Jamaica and Jamaica's biggest artists.Much imitated, in-your-face-overstated, never to be underrated, Jamaican culture has become known and loved all over the world. There are Japanese sporting dreadlocks, Germans singing reggae, Koreans selling jerk chicken, and Americans (mostly unsuccessfully) trying to talk like Jamaicans!Jamaican culture is also richly flavored by its . The aromatic spices of the Caribbean have allowed the island's kitchens to create one of the most unusual fusions of flavors in the world. Most popular on the menu is jerk, a marinade that can be added to almost anything, but usually meat. The spicy sauce includes many of the island's native ingredients. Seafood is also prevalent on the island, but most truly Jamaican dishes, which intimidate most visitors, include cow foot stew and goat's head soups.Undoubtedly, the farthest reaching element of Jamaican culture is our music. Thanks to Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and other great musicians, reggae music can now be heard in the most unlikely corners of the world. But reggae did not emerge from a vacuum, nor is it the only Jamaican music form in use.