Keep drinking age at 21 argument points/ideas.

The obvious recommendation is to keep the drinking age at 21, because this allows people extra time to let their brains develop both physically and mentally.

Keep Drinking Age at 21

It is proven that the earlier someone starts to drink, the more chances there are for them to become an alcoholic later on. This is because the your brain is still developing even into your 2o's, which can cause you to become addicted to alcohol. Lots of college campuses have drinking problems, that are getting in the way of getting the full education they need. People have came to conclusion that teenagers will drink no matter what the MLDA is, but keeping the drinking age at 21 will prevent younger kids from getting into danger.

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Keep The Drinking Age At 21 - YouTube By keeping the drinking age at 21, young people who already have poor judgment are prevented from making the wrong choice. This would protect the individual and society at large from negative consequences such as DUI accidents. Therefore, government is doing its job by keeping the drinking age higher to protect, guide and help its citizens.

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The most fundamental argument in favor of keeping the drinking age at 21 is the prime reason it was put at that age in the first place: the body and brain of an adolescent cannot fully form and perform to its potential if its development is interrupted by the infiltration of alcohol. Teen brains are sponge-like and are designed for maximum learning capacity. Alcohol interferes with learning and memory. In a Duke University study, students who binge drank every weekend of their freshman year scored 10 percent lower on IQ tests than the prior year. Studies have shown that the brain becomes the primary recipient of alcohol abuse by youngsters. The 21 year old restriction was placed because one's brain should be fully formed by age 20 or 21. Alcohol use before the full formation of the brain also causes a decreased ability in "planning and execution function, memory, spatial operations and attention" all of which affect academic performance and future brain function.

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