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Although the main duty of the physician is to clearly explain the medical side of things, that of the lawyer is to argue and win the argument on points for his client. The lawyer relies on the physician to provide him with the necessary medical information which he will weave into legal dissertation which he hopes will convince the adjudicating body of the correctness of his proof on behalf of his client. The idea is that neither the physician nor the lawyer should see themselves as individuals but rather as members of a team of fact finders and expositors, working in tandem, bringing to light the true nature of the dispute, enabling the judge to be well informed, weigh the arguments, see the truth, and find for their side. Hard honest work and common sense will usually provide the necessary tools for the construction of a winning case. Teamwork is essential, neither doctor nor lawyer ever trying to outdo each other. Winning for the client is key. The preset rules of the legal system already established and improved over the years will, when well fed and properly oiled, provide the energy to see the case through and allow for an orderly and compelling presentation of the facts. However good the arguments are, the ultimate decision will always reside with the judge or jury. If a side feels it has been denied justice, there is always the appeal process to fall back upon.

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A thesis is known as dissertation

Legal dissertation topic 1 This book covers legal dissertation level research, embracing both LL. B. And the specific demands of LL. M. Dissertations. Adopting a highly practical approach. Mar 1, 2013. Below are a number of other online resources about legal writing. Writing law dissertations : an introduction and guide to the conduct of legal. Writing Law Dissertations: an Introduction and Guide to the Conduct of Legal. How to research and write a dissertation, covering the various writing Law Dissertations An Introduction And Guide To The Conduct Of Legal Research Pdf stages planning.

It is a lengthy, formal treatise

This book covers legal dissertation level research, embracing both LL. B. And the specific demands of LL. M. Dissertations. Adopting a highly practical approach.

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Rolf M. Winkler concluded his legal training in Stuttgart after having studied at the universities of Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. Following the publication of his legal dissertation on the antitrust criminal law of the European Union (Tübingen, 1971) he continued his legal education at the University of California in Berkeley with a comparative law thesis on German and US American antitrust law (LL.M., 1973). Rolf M. Winkler is a member of the Central Board of the German-American Lawyers’ Association (DAJV) and Chairman of the DAJV Committee on Arbitration, Litigation, Mediation. He is also a member of the International Council of Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) and of the IBA Committees C, D, M, O, T, the ASA, DIS, LES, GRUR, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Baurecht (German Association for Construction Law) and the Working Group on construction and real estate law of the German Bar Association. Rolf M. Winkler is a lecturer at the Legal Faculty of the University of Heidelberg on the “Law of international dispute settlement” since 2008.