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Pretty cool place. They have a ton of products for both men and women. Yes, there are a lot of beauty products and accessories for women, but they also carry OXO kitchen products, shampoo, air purifiers, and a lot of cool products.

I got a really good deal on some kitchen products and a 3 in 1 shampoo. It is only open part of the week, so plan accordingly.

Tip. Go during the morning as it can get quite warm inside.

For a great deal on great products, give this place a try.

Generally speaking, I like OXO kitchen products, but I'm not sure about this one

Do you use any OXO kitchen products? I’m in love with my , , , , and of course the . I tell everyone I know about OXO…their products are life changing.

Oxo Good Grips and Oxo Steel Kitchen Tools and Utensils at CHEFS

I have purchased many OXO kitchen products of which I have no complaints In business and product design this type of small tweak can result in giant innovative leaps. Web 2.0 darling Twitter put a new twist on instant messaging by making messages completely public, in the process creating something that might be called micro-blogging. The big, fun, grippable handles of OXO kitchen products are another popular design example, tweaking a familiar product to deliver a breakthrough ergonomic improvement and a healthy dose of personality, too. In both cases, relatively small changes dramatically altered the perception of the entire offering.

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