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On Tuesday, Michael's grief was lifted away, as Dan showed up in class. What's better is he was his normal self! Good ol' normal Dan! However, Michael couldn't shake the feeling that Dan was avoiding him. Each time he'd try to get his attention, Dan would always look elsewhere. Between classes Dan would lose him in the congested halls, and he was nowhere to be seen during lunch period. Finally in Michael's last class, he constructed an ingenious plan that not even Dan could ignore. He'd write a note to Dan, fold it up into a paper football, and flicked it at his desk when the teacher wasn't looking. It was a foolproof plan! Michael was great at paper football he could go pro, if there was such as thing as a pro paper football league.

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Warning: Do not flick the ball at other players eyes, you may cause injury and possibly blind them! Safety glasses are highly recommended during Paper Football League Bowl Games for your protection.

Classroom Paper Football League - Part 1: The Attepmts

Magnolia Heights paper football league Rules for Paper Football League events are designed to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in balanced and fair competition. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

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We the Central New York Paper Football League, in order to form a fair and justified game, establish these rules, provide for snacks and entertainment, and hire referees.

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