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"an impressively detailed book. Blair is at her best when subtly tweaking a line of verse ... to bring out its latenet meanings." - Angela Leighton, Times Literary Supplement "Blairs project excels in scope and originality." - Denny Kinlaw, Transpositions "Blair has written a subtle and fascinating study that should be of interest as much to historians as to literary scholars." - Gareth Atkins, English Historical Review "[an] important book ... Both the book's argument and its wide-ranging scholarship make it a valuable resource." - M. E. Burnstein, CHOICE "[a] fine, substantive study of form and faith in Victorian poetry and religion" - Karen Dieleman, Review 19 "As a study that introduces the history of Victorian religion through the aesthetics of Victorian poetry, Form and Faith is a book one might recommend to students as well as colleagues. There is no question that it is an instantly quotable, enabling and helpful book which promises immense critical longevity." - Emma Mason, Literature & History

Poetry and religion have ceased to be a matter of interest

Commentary by Kathleen Norris: Poetry and religion both have their origin in the spoken word, in tales shared around a campfire or sung at a cradle. Both poetry and religion suffer as they are removed from the oral realm: poetry can wither on the page, and a living faith, as it turns into text, can get lost in rules and regulations. As this poet puts it, love becomes a lesson. It is good to be reminded of the love that remains at the center of our lives, the universal love that, to paraphrase Dante, moves the sun, moon, and stars.

Poetry and Religion - Les Murray - Poem - Australian Poetry Library

Santayana's strong interest in literature and aesthetics is evidentthroughout this early period, but by 1904, his attention turned almostfully to philosophical pursuits. During this period his publicationsinclude: Lotze's System of Philosophy (dissertation),Sonnets and Other Verses (1894), The Sense of Beauty(1896), Lucifer: A Theological Tragedy (1899),Interpretations of Poetry and Religion (1900), A Hermit ofCarmel, and Other Poems (1901), The Life of Reason (fivebooks, 1905–1906), Three Philosophical Poets: Lucretius, Dante, andGoethe (1910).


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Poem: Poetry And Religion

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