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There are women's issues in the making of pornography too, so that is not much difference between pornography and prostitution. Human trafficking, violence, pimping, all applies to pornography. But definitely less gender issues when you look at men (particularly gay) in male prostitution and gay pornography. In Canada, many of these issues were thought about in pornography, and it was decided that the benefits of free expression outweighs potential problems. So again, pornography becomes legal only by that legal loophole.

Possession of non-obscene adult pornography is legal, but it is illegal to distribute to minors.

Can anyone make a reasonable case why prostitution should be illegal while pornography is legal? It seems strange to me that it should be OK to pay for sex as long as you PROMISE that it will be filmed and sold to others.

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Red - Pornography illegal. While pornography is legally limited to adults, in the online world, children can easily access those materials. They can also be exposed to obscene material that is distributed illegally.

Pornography, obscenity, and the law aren't strangers

I’ve posted regularly on this topic, but one thing that is worth repeating is this to a book chapter I authored on the subject of ““. The chapter provides a good overview of the technological issues that are implicated in the typical Internet child pornography legal case. The book was targeted at lawyers who defend these cases but I wrote the chapter with no computer or legal sophistication expected from my audience because I know that most lawyers have no clue about the technology behind this, so it’s an easy read.

Internet pornography is a battlefield in U.S

Complaining about your treatment
Although you can legally travel with most pornography legal in the US, you may still encounter TSA, CBP, or airline representatives who whose conduct toward you may be rude, unfair, discriminatory, improper, or unprofessional. If this happens at during a face to face encounter, you should immediately request to see a supervisor to discuss the matter.