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Weeks, E.P., 1964, Field methods for determining vertical permeability and aquifer anisotropy: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 501–D, p. 193–198. not available online

The NOAA Professional Paper NMFS series, begun in 2003, replaces the  series. ()

Graduate students must select a thesis/professional paper committee. The committee is composed of three members from the Department of Criminal Justice and an additional member who must come from an outside department. One faculty member from the Department of Criminal Justice will serve as chair of the committee. The chair will guide the student through the process of completing their thesis/professional paper. Students should first select the Chair of their committee, who will advise the student on other appropriate members of the committee.

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Professional Paper - Ministere des affaires économiques. Administration des mines. Service géologique Belgique So here's the follow up: When, if ever, would it be a good idea to cite a Stack Overflow question as a reference in an professional paper/presentation of some kind?

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Students in the traditional master's program must complete a thesis. The thesis is designed to be a theoretically guided examination of some criminal justice issue. Thus, the thesis can be similar to a professional paper insofar as it may be an evaluation of a program or policy issue, but the evaluation should be based on predictions derived from a theory. Alternatively, the thesis could involve basic research where a student tests hypotheses that are derived from theories relevant to criminal justice. Ideally, the thesis is similar to a journal article on a topic that makes a contribution to the field.

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A thesis, required in many master’s degree programs, is the culmination of the student’s independent scholarship or creative achievement in some branch of learning or the arts. The professional paper or project may be prepared in conjunction with a research class or seminar or with certain off-campus activities approved by the committee and terminating in a written presentation which demonstrates the student’s ability to prepare a bibliography, gather data, use original source material, draw conclusions, and present the material in a form which shows adequate command of the English language.Research papers play an important role in the academic success of every student. Quality research papers help students to get high grades. However, writing a professional research paper involves many cumbersome tasks like choosing a proper topic, doing a lot of reading, exploring resources, collecting information, preparing notes, studying the relevant data, and finally writing down all the information in a coherent manner.Prospectus approval is required by the Research Committee and the Dean of the Graduate School, prior to the student beginning research for a thesis. However, the prospectus for a professional paper, if prepared, does not need to be filed in the Graduate School. Both require (RCR) notification and approval if human subjects or animals are involved.Typically, the research paper professional is well versed in the methodology of writing professional research papers. They have good command over English and can write without any spelling or grammatical mistakes. They need only limited time to finish the paper and thus help the students to save a lot of time.