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DESCRIPTION: This course examines the historical and contemporary importance of representations (especially those in the mass media) to maintaining racial hierarchy, as well as how representations have been used to fight racism. This course focuses on the United States but will also consider non-US racial representations and the global impact of US media. This course introduces students to theoretical approaches that will help them analyze the roles of race and racism in media and popular culture.

The commission hopes this difference of opinion can be bridged if there is a national effort to raise sensitivities about racial issues in the media.

Overall, this speaker really opened my eyes to how I view race in media, and how I portray my views in my work. Deggans did a great job in his delivery of the presentation, and this is a must-watch for anyone trying to do anything in media in modern times.

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Racism in the Media: A Racist Newspaper Article What I mainly took out of Mr. Deggans’ presentation was that we often ignore racism in the media today because it is easier to “sweep it under the rug” rather than address it and try to combat it in any possible way. The more I thought about it as he was speaking, the more examples of racism in the media I could come up with.

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Before this Must See Monday I was interested to hear what Eric Deggans had to say on the topic of race baiting in todays media, but I didn’t really know what to expect. I am glad that I was in attendance, and appreciative for him coming to ASU because he dropped knowledge on every single person that was listening. Many questions that I had in my mind when it came to discussing race issues were answered.

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This is a video about racism in the media. It contains banned international commercials and a commercial by Amnesty International. Racism in the media does not only affect children in America but children all over the world.Although The Age newspaper often attempts to counteract this trend, recent coverage of Julia Gillard’s proposal to ship asylum seekers to Malaysian detention centres has hightlighted how the racial bias in Australian media has influenced the way in which people approach these issues.