There are many reasons the death penalty should be abolished

I have, as a Christian, a whole slew of non-rational reasons why capital punishmentshould be abolished. For example, I believe that the admonition to forgive our enemieschallenges us to move away from retribution. However valuable such non-rational ideason both sides may be, they are rarely productive in the realm of public policy. Consequently, we will put them aside. I mention them only because they are soprevalent, and to show that they have no place for the sake of our criteria.

There are a number of reasons why capital punishment should be abolished

There are quite a few reasons why capital punishment should be abolished. You might think that executions cost the taxpayer less money but in reality it cost way more because just in California from 1978, they have spent over four billion dollars on it are each year they spend one hundred and eight million. This is because death penalty trials cost twenty times more than if they person was sentenced to life without parole. Scientifically there is on connection to capital punishment and deterring criminals from committing crimes. But most states that don’t have the death penalty have lower murder rates than the ones from the South, who do almost eighty percent of the executions.

$4 billion on capital punishment since it was ..

Thoughtful objectors of the death penalty have offered four reasons why capital punishment should be abolished

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