Activity 2 - Identifying levels of reflection in writing

, 1991
Linda Flower, Lorraine Higgins, Joseph Petraglia
The authors argue that student collaboration does not necessarily foster critical reflection in writing tasks; however, those who engage in reflective thinking as a result of collaboration are more likely to produce high-quality plans.

If you'd like some more help with reflective thinking and writing you can:

Beaufort (2007) also argues that reflection alone is not enough to facilitate mindful abstraction and that we must pay close attention to the types of prompts we are assigning. In a study of prompts for reflection, Beaufort found that prompts that negotiated between being too general and too specific created the best responses. Yancey (1998) provides a host of suggestions and ideas for encouraging reflection in writing classrooms of all levels.

Once we move toward expressing that reflection in writing,

Reflective thinking and writing is an important part of university life and work Critical reflection is a skill. Educators who require reflective journals from their students realized that they must teach and model reflection skills to observe the desired outcome in the journals. Reflective thinking and writing are skills that must be taught through deliberate instruction and modeling. Devoting time to teach these skills produces quality, in-depth reflective thinking (Spalding & Wilson, 2002).

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Defininitions and Literature Review
Definitions of service learning abound, so much so that researchers such as Eric Sheffield (2005) have stated, “There are too many service learning definitions” (46), a fact which has prompted the “mis-understanding and the mis-practicing of the service learning pedagogy” (p. 47). After reading and discussing such authors as Bringle and Hatcher (1996) , Prentice and Garcia (2000), Cushman (1999; 2002; 2002), Rhoades (1998), and Gere and Schutz (1998), students and I came up with our own working definition: Service learning incorporates 1.) sustainable reciprocity with a community organization, 2.) service to that organization as defined by stated needs, 3.) direct connection of the service activities to course content and fulfillment of course objectives, and 4.) reflection in writing and discussion.

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