Writing Tips For Economics Research Papers

Writing research papers on economics gives college students a great field for carrying out analysis and an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. Though not many students actually like writing about an economy related topic, I personally would attribute this to our general lack of desire to deal with any sort of academic papers. Actually, writing […]

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Economics is a broad field; therefore, students have to search for a number of facts to come up with the high quality research paper on economics. Whether students write the micro or macro economics research papers; they have to analyze several graphs and perform some computations regarding their subject matter.

How to Write a Research Paper in Economics

How to Write a Research Paper on Economics of Oil Prices. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left. These were a few suggestive topics for the guidance of students in their writing. Hopefully, the students will get advantage from the preceding topics and select the topic of their interest for writing their research paper on economics.

Research Paper Topics (Past) : Economics Department

Upon entering CSM, I set my mind to do everything I could to excel in my studies. It was the only way I knew I would achieve everything I wanted. I took part in the Honors Program my first semester by writing a research paper on economics during the Industrial Revolution. Writing that paper was definitely a learning experience as I had to diligently edit it with my professor for many hours. At CSM, I also competed on the swim team and made it to the State Finals both seasons. The coaching was excellent, helping me further my ambition of swimming competitively at a 4-year university.

A Sampling of Past Research Paper Topics

Students outside of Political Science can earn credit for their major for the Research Course and Internships while in DC by making arrangements with faculty and advisors in their concentration department. For example, an Art History student might do an internship at the National Gallery and request credit in that department. Another student might decide to do the research paper on Economics, which would require arrangements with an advisor to receive Economics credit and a faculty member to review the paper to ensure that the content is accurate and meets the standards of that department. The Research Course also counts as an upper level writing requirement.