Resignation by email raises legitimacy concerns

Sending a resignation letter by email is a way to let your employer know in advance that they should be expecting your formal . It is an act of courtesy and a polite way to make sure you leave your job on good terms.

Juan Angel Napout sent his resignation by email through his lawyers in Switzerland.

I submitted my involuntary resignation by email giving detail as to what, why and how my job and the abuse I suffered affected me mentally and physically.

What harm do you believe, resignation by email would make

On December 10, 2010, appellant submitted a written resignation by email, which stated: My house Definitely, resignation by email is acceptable in most of the companies depending upon their size, investment structure, benefits and code of conduct for employees & contract agreement between the Employee & the Employer at the time of Offer itself.

Resignation by email became possible in 2005 in most magistrates

Chairman Andy Savage notified board members of her resignation by email Tuesday night. The authority met earlier in the day, and afterward, Stevens asked Savage to meet with her and her attorney.

form or document their resignation by email, fax or mail

However, records state Johnson's unauthorized reading of email was discovered Sept. 11 when he questioned a colleague why she was resigning and what sort of severance she would received — just 10 minutes after she sent her resignation by email to the clerk's human resources director."Napout on Thursday sent his resignation by email through his lawyers in Switzerland," Valdez explained. "On Friday we checked to confirm the email and the executive committee accepted it." What Personal Information does WCA collect and why?
WCA collects personal information about you in order to provide notification of events and industry information, to send newsletters and to maintain our responsibilities in running a Not for Profit Company Limited By Guarantee, registered by ASIC. This includes your ongoing membership of WCA until you notify us of your resignation by email at It’s best to submit your letter of resignation by email – that way you have a clear and unambiguous record of when you submitted the letter of resignation and terminated your contract of employment. You should preferably send the email to the appropriate responsible person in your organisation – your line manager, for example, or Human Resources.