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Directed by Peter Weir Grab your thesaurus and look up the following words: wonderful, excellent,charming, intelligent, funny, delightful, superb, sublime and brilliant. Begina sentence with "This film is" and then write down all of the synonyms thatyour Roget's can offer. Call that my pocket review of The Truman Show.

Homework/extension. Students can write a film review of The Truman Show, particularly reflecting on the role of satire in the text as a tool for critiquing society.

I remember looking up a review of the Truman Show from a christian website a few years ago where the review saw the film in a similar light as you do while the comments saw the film in generally two almost opposite perspectives. It seems to hinge on whether you see Christof as God or a false god. Either Truman’s home is the Garden of Eden or it is the false world Satan puts before our eyes. It also makes one ponder the concept of seeking after truth in the Bible, understanding it in how the truth will set you free but also the effects of eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I still am not sure what the intentions of the filmmaker are here but while you certainly desire that Truman succeeds in the end, you are not sure how the parallels in the end are being framed. How does Peter Weir and Andrew Niccol see God? Great movie to enjoy and study.

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"The Truman Show" dares to question the reality

It's original, complex, and philosophical