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However, I talked to myself not to give up and at least tried one more school (I do not believe in applying multiple school at a time). I contacted Adam to apply for another school. He gave me some advice in selecting a safe bet, and Ross is our choice, I think Adam suggested me Ross because he saw my passion in community work, and it matches with Ross. In fact Ross is even harder and tougher than the previous school. Unfortunately, I was super busy because of Extra Activities when I applied to Ross, I could not put 100% focus on my essays, I did some mistakes but Adam was really helpful, he always gave honest and genuine feedback. He really understood my hidden dreams, he even suggested me to rewrite my essay totally if he felt it did not match the standard. It was painful, but it was really worth. I took them back and reflected myself to rewrite essays. Adam's approach is simple, start everything from your passion, have a plan, connect your MBA, short term and long term goal. Passion is really a key here.

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Students usually write their essays in hurry. They hardly give any importance to overall theme and the pattern of writing in their essay rewriting. Essay revision is often a daunting task for them. Running short of time, they ask “can someone rewrite my essay”? Essay revision is important for any student, as a good revision will help you to get better idea of shortcomings in your essay. Revised essays are more suitable for academic applications as well as assignments.

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When you come to us and ask us to “rewrite my essay” you can be sure that you will get a highly efficient and professional essay rewriting service. We will ensure that your essay will be fully rewritten according to your precise instructions and that there will no possible plagiarism. We do not take each word in turn as a piece of software would; we consider the meaning of each sentence and paragraph and rewrite it fully ensuring that the original meaning is fully preserved during your rewrite. Essay rewriting, paraphrasing and summarizing is always done through our highly qualified staff.Rewrite my essay request from the student is definitely a serious matter and not a simple issue. Here, this request is for writing the essay from a new perspective without copying the original. It will require special approach and planning, but definitely not tough as writing essay from the scratch. You will be having a source to proceed with the task quickly and to complete it well too. We have experience in rewriting papers and essays and this will enable paraphrase my essay request attendance with a novice approach. Our paraphrasing for essay or paper includes: