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The entertainment industry will continue to have effects and influences on youth and societal trends. The influences should be worked on, to make them have positive effects on society and society as a whole. This can involve the transformation of the celebrities, actors, and models in the entertainment industry. The effect can be huge and tremendous on the upcoming generation and society. The changing trends in societal beliefs and values can be influenced to be positive ones on the youth. Things can be better when the effects of the entertainment industry lean more towards the positive influences than the negative influences on the youth. This can be done knowing very well that America is one of the leading producers of entertainment and as such it is a significant component in influencing the behavior of the younger generation. The entertainment industry has influences on the upcoming generation views and expression of culture. This is depicted by the way that they talk, dress, and act on society through social media pressure in the country.

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A nation like America is an example, of a country that has developed in terms of entertainment (Fisher 58). It is one of the countries that has got and has produced some of the greatest entertainers. The country is one of the leading producers of entertainment in the planet. In addition, it is one of the nations that there is a greater influence of entertainment on the younger generation. The effects of entertainment on the younger generation in America can be said to be both positive and negative. The influence is mostly on entertainment media such as television, radio, and the internet. The influence on the upcoming generation has affected their expression and vies on the culture of America. The influence is on how they talk, dress, and act on the society. This has been caused by the social media pressure that is sweeping through the country. These are the influences that entertainment has on the younger generation in the country.

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