Persuasive Speech on Abolishing the Death Penalty

In what in this author's opinion is one of the two best scenes in this movie,(both of which Amanda uses her talent to make unforgettable), after her character finishes making a brief speech on the death penalty, Roy Scheider's character tells her that even though she had some success on her high school debate team, she should not expect any sympathy at the college level for her handicap.

Invitational Speech on the Death Penalty by Mary Grace Harrison, October, 2011

In his corner: Gays and lesbians for his strong support of gay marriage; won an International Human Rights award at the French museum, Le Memorial de Caen, for his Senate speech on the death penalty; was named “Outstanding Legislator” by the New Jersey Food Council for Good Government

Plenary speech on the death penalty in Indonesia

Video excerpt of EJI Director Bryan Stevenson's speech on the death penalty at The New School in New York in April 2007. Jan. 8, 2011 Rosa Luxemburg Conf., Berlin - Speech on the death penalty & the need for all to work together to free political prisoners, citing the words of Bertolt Brecht.

George Ryan's speech on the death penalty

CHICAGO, Jan. 10— Robyn Hobley's long red fingernails were quivering, tears making rivers on her cheeks, this morning as she held the advance text of Gov. George Ryan's speech on the death penalty.

I am a student doing a speech on the death penalty