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Of course there’s been a spending binge under Obama; that’s the whole point of stimulus spending! So, Obama increased the debt some $700 billion in his first few months in office.

Of course there’s been a spending binge under Obama; that’s the whole point of stimulus spending!

Federal Spending Has Grown Very Slowly Under Obama: Despite the stimulus program and demands for aid to the unemployed and to distressed local and state governments, inflation-adjusted spending has increased only half as fast under President Obama as under George W. Bush. Spending under Obama has risen at the slowest rate of any presidential administration since the 1960s, except Clinton’s. In past administrations, spending increased with higher unemployment. Had federal spending increased with high unemployment as fast under Obama as in the past, spending would have risen two percentage points faster each year. This increase, over $70 billion dollars a year or nearly $300 billion by the end of four years, would be enough to enact another stimulus program leading to over 2.5 million additional jobs.

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Chart On Government Spending Under Obama And Reagan - Business Insider Meanwhile, we would’ve given a True rating to the Facebook claim that Romney is wrong to say that spending under Obama has "accelerated at a pace without precedent in recent history." Even using the higher of the alternative measurements, at least seven presidents had a higher average annual increases in spending. That balances out to our final rating of Mostly True.

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ORIGINAL POST, SEE UPDATE BELOW: Earlier we made the argument that the Obama recovery has been than the Reagan recovery since A) The conditions Obama inherited were wildly worse and B) Federal government spending under Obama didn't grow as fast as it did under Reagan.

Critics say government spending under Obama has exploded

Federal government spending has risen under President Obama, mostly because of the $800 billion stimulus designed to offset the massive recession he inherited from President Bush. But the increase in federal spending under Obama is dwarfed by the colossal increase under President Bush.He didn't increase spending. The FOX News fueled myth that Obama is reclessly spending us into oblivion is fiction. The bush tax cuts plus the new spending that Bush enacted were inevitably going to lead to this situation. Even the least flattering way of calculating the growth of spending under Obama puts him at less than half the growth rate of President Bush. Scroll back up and read the article.