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“We have set up a club called ‘Stop Teen Pregnancy’ in our school to promote and share what we have learned from WVFT with our peers and younger students through a campaign activity. I have an intuitive feeling that if my friend whom I just talked about had had this knowledge, she might not have made that mistake and would probably have still stayed in school with us.”

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Some on the left will say this is the pernicious result of poverty. Solve poverty, and you solve the Zip-code-equals-outcomes issue. Some on the right will blame culture. Stop teenage pregnancy and crime, and the outcomes look different.

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Sex education starts in the home. Parents should begin introducing the subject of puberty and sex with their children at around age 5. At first these discussions are more based on the relationships between the sexes. As a child gets older, this conversation can move on to puberty, menstrual cycles, safe sex and pregnancy prevention.

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According to a national survey in the United States, pregnancies occur in 750,000 teens every year. The majority of these pregnancies were unplanned. Unplanned teenage pregnancies can lead to higher high school dropout rates, higher rates of single parenthood, and lowering scores in math and reading. Stopping teenage pregnancy requires a hands-on connection between parents and children, a good educational foundation, and unbiased resources.

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But it doesn't stop there, no sir! Tennessee's legislature, a concatenation of complete coprophages if ever I've seen one, is also considering a bill that would restrict sex education. Now, they already had a law that requires teachers to tell students that abstinence is the best way to stop teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.World Vision has launched a series of awareness-raising and campaign activities to stop teenage pregnancy which included trips and educational camps for junior and senior high school students, as well as simulation of real-life situations to encourage students to think of ways to prevent and mitigate the issue should it arise. The activities were led by instructors who were specialists in specific topics.