Teenage pregnancy and poverty in the UK - Amber's story ..

Frank Furstenberg, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, conducted his own 30-year study of the relationship between teen pregnancy and poverty. Furstenberg stated that teen pregnancies are better understood as an effect of poverty and that teenage childbearing is not the reason why so many Americans are trapped in poverty, according to the Auburn study. He pointed to the lack of appropriate sex education and often limited access to health resources, such as contraception. These, he said, are contributing factors to unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Amber's Story, Teenage pregnancy and poverty in the UK - Amber's story

The reason teenage mothers end up poorer than average is because they are already poorer and therefore on a poorer economic trajectory. That is, high rates of teenage pregnancy are a feature of poverty and inequality, not a cause of it. Those who wind up as teenage mothers are, for the most part, already on track for poorer economic outcomes. This connection between high inequality and high rates of teenage pregnancy is . For those worried about teenage pregnancy and poverty, it turns out that tackling poverty requires actually tackling poverty: teenage pregnancy is only a symptom.

Teenage pregnancy and poverty in the UK - Amber's story

There is a strong association between teenage pregnancy and poverty and disadvantage Regardless of how it occurs, the effects of teen pregnancy not only affect the teen girl; it will affect the baby, the parents of the teenager, and the father's family. The emotional effects of teenage pregnancy will affect all of these individuals. and many teenage mothers find themselves in extreme poverty with financial troubles that would make anyone sweat bullets, but it is a given that teenage pregnancy and poverty are interconnected since it becomes incredibly difficult for the mother to finish her education.

Poverty Causes Teen Parenting, Not the Other Way Around

The connection between poverty rates and teen pregnancy rates seems inescapable even when it isn’t pointed out. In a 2010 report using 2006 data, this is the top three and their rankings in terms of both teenage pregnancy and poverty. Texas, the leader in teen pregnancy rates, is ninth in the nation in the poverty rankings. New Mexico is second in teenage pregnancy rates, and third in poverty rankings. Mississippi is third in teen pregnancies, and the highest rate of poverty in the country.

Teen Pregnancy in the United States