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Plato (428-348 BC) was from an aristocratic family, and some ofhis mother's relatives were good friends of Socrates. Plato wasone of the young men who liked to listen to the conversation ofSocrates. After the execution of Socrates, Plato and some otherswent to Megara with Euclides, the founder of the Megarian schoolof philosophy. Plato then traveled extensively in Greece, Egypt,and Italy. When he was about forty Plato founded the Academy wherehe taught for nearly forty years. In his sixties Plato made twovisits to Syracuse in Sicily to try to advise King Dionysus II,but these proved rather unsuccessful. Aristotle studied and taughtat Plato's Academy for twenty years but left shortly after Platodied.

In his dialogue the Phaedo, Plato describes the execution of Socrates.

“At the beginning of his philosophical quest, Plato had been horrified by the execution of Socrates, who had been put to death for teaching false religious ideas. At the end of his life, he advocated the death penalty for those who did not share his view. Plato’s vision had soured. It had become coercive, intolerant, and punitive. He sought to impose virtue from without, distrusted the compassionate impulse, and made his philosophical religion wholly intellectual. The Axial Age in Greece would make marvelous contributions to mathematics, dialectics, medicine, and science, but it was moving away from Spirituality.”

The Execution of Socrates A Greek Tragedy

Of Socrates During the voyage of the sacred ship to and from Delos, which hasoccupied thirty days, the execution of Socrates has been deferred.(Compare Xen. Mem.) The time has been passed by him in conversation witha select company of disciples. But now the holy season is over, and thedisciples meet earlier than usual in order that they may converse withSocrates for the last time. Those who were present, and those who mighthave been expected to be present, are mentioned by name. There areSimmias and Cebes (Crito), two disciples of Philolaus whom Socrates'by his enchantments has attracted from Thebes' (Mem...

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Aristotle studied at Plato's school. He then founded his own school and ended up being tutor for Alexander the Great. When Alexander died, Athenian anger towards anything relating to Alexander flared up. Aristotle left saying it would be better to live than to have Athens sin twice against philosophy (the first sin being the execution of Socrates).

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