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During the month of September, KHFA remembers the 10th anniversary of the Twin Towers terrorist attack and is proud to present the works of Los Angeles and Dallas artists Sandow Birk (in collaboration with Elyse Pignolet) and Simeen Farhat.

911 Twin Tower Terrorist Attacks

As support to the nation after the Twin Towers terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, he accompanied his unit for a combat tour in Iraq in 2004. Based in Tikrit, north of Baghdad, Iraq, he flew combat and administrative missions daily in support of Coalition Forces, amassing 153 combat flight hours in Blackhawks.

Read a childs point of view the 9/11 Twin Towers terrorist attack.

Pictures of the 9/11 Trinity Church near the Twin Towers Terrorist Attack Site Under Construction The album was due to come out just before September 11th 2001 — the date of the Twin Towers terrorist attack in New York — and so had to be postponed. It was the start of the now-familiar Dub Pistols self-deprecating mantra: what could possibly go wrong?

Twin Towers terrorist attack 11th September 2001 in New York

During the US leg of his trip, Pope Francis will say a prayer, in English, at Ground Zero in New York and visit a museum dedicated to the memory of those who died in the Twin Towers terrorist attack of Sept 11, 2001.

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In December 2009, Press Pakalert (Pak Alert) published a paper that offered many facts pointing to Israel involvement in planning and facilitating the Twin Tower terrorist attack. This paper mentioned that former Mossad chief from 1952 to 1963, Esser Harrel, told Michael Evans as early as 1979 detailed plans to how the Twin Towers will be destroyed. Esser said that Twin Towers represented the phallic symbols of the USA and thus will be targeted to humiliate the male ruthless image of the USA. Evan was having dinner with Harrel and Roven Hecht, first secretary to Israel’s Menahim Began PM.In 11th grade, a year before the explosion, a month after the Twin Towers Terrorist attack, Tal was sent to represent “Ironi Hey School” in a delegation to Boston from the city of Haifa. She was chosen, because of her outstanding ability to connect with others.Steven Cafiero Jr Memorial Award Winners
Most Valuable Players
Left > Sybil Morgan from Staten Island, NY
Right > Matt Prichard from Adamsville, Pa
Center is Donnamarie Striano who was this year's Guest of Honor and Awards Presenter. Donnamarie was the fiance of Steven Cafiero Jr, 31, of Whitestone, Queens who died on Sept 11, 2001 as a result of the World Trade Center-Twin Towers Terrorist attack on NYC. Cafiero was a long time member of the New York Arm Wrestling Association. He was an avid golfer, had a bowling average of 202 and competed in bodybuilding on ESPN. He also starred in the movie "Checkmate". Cafiero worked in sales at AON.We must recognize the heavy responsibilities of the US and the EU that have been dreaming to have won the Cold War. The wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have removed hateful dictatorships, but have generated failed states, the ground where tribal and religious conflicts, terrorism and organized crime rage. The Twin Towers terrorist attack allowed to define Islamic fundamentalism as the new enemy of the Western World, the substitute of nazism and communism. If we consider that Al Qaeda was a tiny group of terrorists protected by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, we can assert that this enemy was a creation of George Bush Jr. subservient to his megalomaniac dream aiming to transform the US into a world empire. The danger gradually begun to take consistency only after the Iraqi war, which aroused resentment in Islamic masses and then terrorism. This disastrous war – waged on the basis of fabricated evidence regarding a nonexistent Iraqi nuclear arsenal – paved the way for increasing influence of jihadist groups, which gained ground in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria etc. The tragedy of the shipwrecks of boat people which occur daily in the Mediterranean is the consequence of the pressure on European borders of migrants who have lost their relatives, their home, their goods and escape societies where the collapse of the state has brought about a regression to the “state of nature”, so that life, according to Hobbes’s description, is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. A war for the hegemony over the Islamic World is in progress. The ISIS aspires to become a protagonist of a big game which attracts the participation of the great powers of the region (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt) and the world (US, Russia, China, EU etc.). But in an increasingly fragmented world there is no military solution to the global disorder. The end of the bipolar world order and the Cold War was followed by a growing disorder. The EU has a special responsibility, since it is located at the storm centre. Its political unification could provide an essential tool to fill the power vacuum left by the retreat of the US, but cannot stabilize the region alone.