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EP.1 will showcase actor and filmmaker, Jason Michael Fong. An actor for several years, Jason has worked on many productions from Youtube projects with SMOSH to appearances in Hawaii 5-0. We'll hear his thoughts on being an Asian American actor as well as his views on Interracial Dating.

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In this study, we addressed one specific element of the broader domain of relationship diversity. In particular, we explored how generational differences might relate to openness to interracial relationships. We also were interested in how closely college students predicted their parents’ views on interracial dating and marriage. Based on the research literature surveyed, we believed that the college students would be more open and favorable towards interracial relationships when compared to their parents. Research has already indicated that younger generations appeared more favorable towards interracial dating and marriage (Knox et al., 2000; Lovstuen, 2001). More importantly, we anticipate that students inaccurately would predict their parents’ views regarding these relationships to be more favorable than how they actually would express their own true views on the subject. Method Participants

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Below is something I wrote on some of my views on interracial dating You've just provided more proof that the black community does not give a damn about assaults against black women. What does the writers views on interracial dating have to do with anything? The fact that you show more outrage about that instead of these children that were assaulted is disgusting. The only nonsense I see on this post in your comment.

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Following Jones' appearance on "The Tonight Show," Yahoo! Contributor Network's Eric Holden said a Tebow-Jones date would, at the very least, make known the quarterback's views on interracial dating. Tebow, who is Caucasian, has not said whether or not he would consider dating Jones, who is of French, African-American, Native American and Norwegian descent.

Views on interracial dating among Chinese and European